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Welcome to Quoin Industrial

Its existing owners incorporated Quoin Industrial in 1992 with the idea of developing and manufacturing proprietary products. To this end Quoin currently manufactures the Party Pig ® beer package. Quoin has also developed and/or acquired the ability to:

a) develop and manufacture products from plastic film and plastic sheet

b) adapt the patented self pressurizing technology (which is used in the Party Pig ® beer package) to dispensing other products

c) develop and manufacturing plastic bottles

d) develop proto-type plastic packages and manufacture test market quantities. 

Quoin has an extensive portfolio of domestic and international patents with 10 basic patents protecting the self-inflating technology and its application to beer packaging.

In 2003 Quoin was awarded the StarPack Silver (in the UK), the AmeriStar, the People’s Choice (at the Las Vegas PackExpo show) and the WorldStar awards for packaging excellence with its self-pressurizing beer package.



The three principals (Lowell T. Whitney, Michael D. Gerstenkorn and Michael L. Lane, pictured after receiving the AmeriStar award) have a combined total of more 80 years of experience in the businesses of beer, packaging and food processing.  Please contact us for more specifics on our product development and manufacturing capabilities.

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